Get Ready!
The Big
FOUR-0H Is Coming!

The class of '78 will be hosting a 40th Anniversary of our high school graduation. Gauranteed to be an unforgettable event.

Mark September 2018 on your calendar with a #2 pencil.

Once the location, date & time are announced,
you can use a permanent pen.

The Band gets back together for Reunion Tour!  
We all remember the day the music died - it was graduation day 1978 - when "The Band" left the stage for the last time.  Now, after a forty year absence, speculation has been growing of a reunion....


New Memorial Tribute Page

Our class website is about the celebration of our era, allowing friends to reconnect many year after we have graduated together.  Unfortunately, some of us are no longer here to share those memories, so we want to make sure we honor those classmates who have passed away.  We have enhanced our memorial page, so each of us can add your own message of remembrance as well as an obituary.

If you know of a classmate that has passed away, please post this on our "In Memory of…" page,  and please leave tribute message.
Lina & Alan
Lina & Alan ROCKS!
Welcome to our official Lake Washington High 1978 Class Headquarters.   If you would like to help support the cause, donations are always welcome. 

We prefer small, unmarked bills, in a brown-paper bag, left under the rock by the bridge.  Shhhhh, make sure you are not followed. Say no more .....

"When you look back on your life, it looks as though it were a plot.  But when you are into it, it's a mess: just one surprise after another. Then, later, you see it was perfect."  - Schopenhauer


People Magazine Fashion Faceoff:  Two Stars, One Look. 

Whether coincidence or cosmic fate, these two fashion challenged classmates, who haven't shared a fashion tip with each other in over ten years, subconsciously decide to wear the SAME yellow shirt to the Lake Washington High School 1978 "Come Sail Away" Reunion Event.   Who wears it better, Steve or Chris?   You have decided: 
Reunion Poll
Stevie "Buffet" Parsons
Christopher "Don-Ho" Carlson
Both are studs. It's a tie, dude!

(FR) Wendy, Janice, Jana, Meagan (BR) Annette, Sherry
(FR) Wendy, Janice, Jana, Meagan (BR) Annette, Sherry

These Kangs Are Amazing!!  Thanks for joining the Reunion!

Steve Parsons,   Shelley Finn (Sefton),   Debra Walter,   Joyce Knudtson (Ohrman),   Annette Kelso (Stephens),   Steve Price,   Lamott Atkins,   Beth Doss (Blanchard),   Glenn Cole,   Bob Couch,  Donna Hinds (Welton),  Wendy Cowell,   Mitch Cook,   Chris Larsen,  Katherine Denton,   Sondra Kay Johnson,  Peter Livengood,   Benji Richards,  Kathleen Krasselt (Clancy),   Noel Knappett,   Becky Smith (Snow),    Donna Curtis,   Susan Benardout,   Andy Hicks,   Sue McFarland (Pierson),   Candace Reynolds (Grisdale),   Kurt Hanson,   Julie Woolley (Fletcher),   DONATION from Teresa Maassen (Lutomski),   Gay Meyers (Mason),   Dinah Flegel (Fink),   Jami Mattson,
Ben, Nan, Mike, Chris, Wendy, Jim
Ben, Nan, Mike, Chris, Wendy, Jim
Karen Williams,   Lina Monegan (Estes),   Bryan Huckins,   Barbara Kalda (Gurley),   Tom Brennan,   Marjorie Strasburger,   Darrell Brunner,   Larry Fowler,   Wendy Wissmann (Walker),   Eric Constable,   Amy  Hamlin (McLauchlan),   Frank Gassler,   Suzy Hutchinson,   Kathi Iverson (Yount),   Scott Spears,   Cynthia Kassuba (Christensen),   Shelley Turner (Baunsgard),   Trish Mahnken (Lindstrom),   Kristi Graves (Banning),   Gary Walker,   Mike DeVore,   Scott Shinstrom,   Dave Winter,   Rip Gray,   Craig Mitchell,   Duane DeBruler,   Nancy Lynch (DeBruler),  
Jennifer, Donna, Mitch, Julie, Craig
Jennifer, Donna, Mitch, Julie, Craig
Nan Robinson,   Michael Owen,   John Sadler,   Donna Martin (Korsmeyer),   Bill Taylor,   Shellie Bardwell (McCue),   Julie Winter (Heath),   James Neir,   Jeff Pruss,   Kristin Quinn (Nilsen),   Janice Richkoff (Bangs),   Matt Marici,   Jana Coward (Peterson),   Michael Smith,   Megan Martin (Higdon),   Marsheila Braucht (Kenow),   Lynn St Louis,   James Dolan,   Annette Lang (English),   Julie Johnson (Neri),   Eileen Vague (Forster),   Pandora Brunsdon (Heisler),   Lori Takahashi (Fitzpatrick),   Carolee Kilcup (McCoy),   Tim Touhey,   Steve Brace,   Allison Richter (Holz),    Jeff Wagener,
Meagan, Dave, Lamott
Meagan, Dave, Lamott
Pete Scheppe,   Debra Thomsen (Olson),   Kristen Krumm (Olsen),   Molly McAuliffe (Bishop),   Scott Chapin,    Marie Claudio-Diaz,    Elise Murowchick,    Alan Todd,   Scott Nakatani,   Lynne Johnson (Latendresse), Michael Vaska,   Marylynn Burns (Gusa),   Sherry Nelson,   Scott Sherwood,   Shannon McKendry (Reavey),   Kevin Nooney,   Rocky Monte,   Michael Hanna,   James Hildebrand,   Marcia Smith (Garcia),   Melissa Tallman (Elchlepp),   Rich Maki,   Wendy Williams (Carlson),   Chris Carlson,   Cheryl Bennett (Stone),   Ed Gardner,   Julie Randall (Boe),   Steven Reiman,   Steve Fisher,   Mitch Hoel,   Erika Jackson (Hoel),    Jennifer Scramlin (Ottosen), and more.....
Jana & Scott      -       Annette & Jim      -      Kevin & Donna
Jana & Scott - Annette & Jim - Kevin & Donna
Check out these Senior STUD-MUFFIN'S
Check out these Senior STUD-MUFFIN'S
WANTED - Old Photos For Presentation
Julie Randall (Boe) has SENT us PICTURES, how about YOU?   We are still looking for old Lake Washington high school photos.  If you have any to share, please email them to  (jpeg, 800 x 600 minimum resolution).

Need a Hotel Room for the Reunion?
The Red Lion will hold a limited block of rooms for our groups use.   They will be reserved on a first-come-first served basis at the special Kangs78 discount price, so hurry and book your room TODAY.  Check out the details on the Travelers page.

Like To Donate A Prize?
We will have prizes and awards for various fun achievements.  If you or your company would like to donate a prize please contact Eileen Forster (Vague) to make arrangements.  
LW Enquirer Newsletters Posted Online!
Check out the Photo Albums for a couple of issue of the LWHS Enquirer, the leading school newspaper for all the news unfit to print.  Okay, quick, without looking, who was named the 'Most Desirable Man at LWHS' by the Enquirer?
Song Request!
If you have a special song you'd like to hear, MUST hear at the reunion, be sure to send us a request via the "Contacts" page.  Our DJ will have the songs listed on the "Hits of the 70's" page (see menu).  However, we know that doesn't even begin to cover all the amazing music we had in the 70's.
Click to Enlarge Photo
Click to Enlarge Photo
Photo Exhibition Announced!
We are proud to announce the largest photographic multimedia exhibition of images ever presented at a class reunion*.  The exhibit consisted of nearly one thousand rare photographs from the "JJ Pruss Lifetime Collection" of negatives.   This fantastic photo exhibition was initially titled, "The Incredible Kangs - a Behind the Scenes View of the Most Amazing Class to Ever Graduate From Lake Washington High ", until we actually saw the photographs, then we decided to rename the exhibit,  "Pictures Don't Lie:  See A Wacky Bunch of Purple Kangaroos" .....  at least we are being truthful. 
This exhibit alone is worth the price of admission, but we have to confess, so far we have only scanned in thirteen out of the thousand.  Dang.  These are  REAL negatives.  They're flimsy, they're tiny, they cut like a knife and our fingers are bleeding.   When we were kids, the word "digital-camera" wasn't even invented yet.   We bet your kids don't even know what a negative is!   So, scan we will.  In the end, we know it will be worth the effort.

You can share, too.  If you have any photo's you would like to contribute, please email them to  (jpeg, 800 x 600 minimum resolution) and we'll add them to the presentation. 
Kathy, Suzy, Marsheila, Marcia, Donna, Sue, Annette & Julie
Kathy, Suzy, Marsheila, Marcia, Donna, Sue, Annette & Julie
Reunion CD is shipping -  Order NOW!

We are so EXCITED, we couldn't WAIT another day!  We have combined the 10th, 20th, and 30th Lake Washington class reunions, with the Jeff Pruss Photo Collection (including more old photo's submitted by other classmates), plus other miscellaneous 1970's photos into one MEGA EXTRAVAGANZA with over 1,500 photo's.

The "Zit's" win turf battle over rival gang, the "Dandruff's" at Lake Washington.  

* according to our talking dog, Spot.

Any questions about this Lake Washington high school 1978 alumni website, or to share information about our missing classmates, or other classmates from 1975, 1976, 1977, 1979 or 1980, or about kirkland, juanita, redmond, or whatever, please contact Jim Neir via the Contact Us page. In the meantime, just continue smiling :)