Q:  I've found the website, now what do I do?

Congratulations, you're my hero!  And, my favorite classmate.  (but, let's keep that just between you and me, ok?)   Just a couple more things to do.....

First, select the "Classmates" tab and register yourself on the site.  You will be given a "password" protected login.  Then, at anytime, you may add a picture, update your current information, and write comments for the memory book and/or the website.  

Lastly, please remember to forward the website address to all classmates you have contact with and ask them to register as well.

Q: Can I still go to reunion if I did not graduate?

YES!  A reunion is not about just who graduated, it's about seeing the friends you went to high school with.  Anyone who was in our class as a sophomore, junior or senior can attend.

Q: Can I bring more than one date, since my friends are traveling with me?

YES you may purchase more than two tickets but you are responsible for the behavior of those you bring.  So, make sure you only bring your really nice friends.

Q: I can't afford to purchase a ticket but I really want to go, is there any way I can go at no charge.

We feel the reunion should be affordable to everyone so we've kept the ticket price as low as possible.  However, we do not want anyone left behind due to financial difficulties.  So, if you cannot afford to attend please contact us and we'll work something out or give you some options.  We cannot afford to do this for many people, so please email only if you have real financial need. 

Q: Can I pay at the door?

NO, sorry there can be no paying at the door. We have to let the hotel know in advance our final count and prepay the event cost.

Q: How long will this website be active?

This website will remian active until our next reunion, so please register.  If your email is listed in your account, you will receive an invite when the reunion details are announced. We hope you have enjoyed the website, it was all for YOU.   Thanks so much for your support!



The dress will be Casual. The following garments are not considered suitable attire; cut offs, tank tops, strapless tops (excluding strapless dresses) bare midriffs, tennis shorts, jogging shorts and sweatpants.. 


Okay people, it’s been forty years.  You have a right to be happy.   Attitude is everything.  Be prepared to laugh, hug, forgive, compliment and just be your beautiful self.


The Country Inn & Suites will hold a limited block of rooms for our groups use.   For more infromation visit the Hotel DISCOUNT page


The night will be strictly 70’s:  the music, pictures, movies and memories.  If you have a favorite song you would like to request, please request it via “contact us”.


All Invitations and tickets will be online.   About a week before the event we will send an E-ticket via e-mail.  If you do not receive a confirmation, please contact us prior to the event.   All registered guest will be on the registration list at the door.


It's never good feeling to be the one to report when someone has passed away.  But, in their honor, we want to dedicate “a moment” to our friends and classmates that have passed on. If you know of someone that has passed away please let us know. 

Any questions about this website, please contact Jim Neir via the Contact Us page.

Any questions about this Lake Washington high school 1978 alumni website, or to share information about our missing classmates, or other classmates from 1975, 1976, 1977, 1979 or 1980, or about kirkland, juanita, redmond, bothell, bellevue, renton or whatever, please contact Jim Neir.  In the meantime, just continue smiling :)
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