1978 Lake Washington Alumni
September 22, 2018
9 months and 29 days left
until our reunion.
Lake Washington High School Class of 1978    -    Kirkland, Washington USA

Welcome to our class hub for any communication regarding reunions and extra-cirricular activities. From Kangs78 we'll send invites, track RSVP's, 
spread carzy rumors, keep everyone up-to-date, and gossip about "you-know-who".  If you move, find yourself, find someone else, find out that you are actually somebody else, or have an out-of-body experience …we recommend you call 911, then let us know here immediately,.  

Do you remember me?

Please take a moment to register and feel free to use the message boards, discussion areas, and photo albums to reconnect and get in the spirit of the occasion!
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